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Our Services

Preventative Care

The most important part of your pets care is routine wellness exams and preventive care. Routine exams aid in early detection and diagnosis for disease which allows for the most optimal treatment and prevention of progression. 
  Preventative care includes vaccinations, parasitic control, nutritional, dental health, and behavioral advice to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic laboratory and radiology services help aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

  We are proud to offer our patients high quality digital imaging.  Radiographs are captured digitally and displayed directly on a computer allowing the image to be viewed and assessed immediately.  We can also easily email you a copy of your pet's film!


Dental Services

Dental care is a vital part of your pet's overall health.  Dental and periodontal disease can be painful and have a huge negative impact on your pet's happiness and well-being.  It is one of the most common diseases affecting pets. 

At home dental care and routine dental cleanings are the best way to insure pet dental health.  Dental procedures include cleaning and polishing your pet's teeth, extracting any diseased teeth, trimming rodents'/rabbits' teeth, and oral surgery.

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Surgical Services

An array of general surgical procedures are also available, ranging from routine spay/neuter to more complex surgeries. 

Medical Grooming 

Some pets can become stressed and unwilling to cooperate at a groomer. We can provide medically necessary grooming services, whether it be due to matted fur or a pet requiring sedation to reduce stress and provide a safe grooming experience. 

 We, however, are not groomers and are unable to provide pets with breed specific or custom trims. 

USDA Accredited

When traveling with your pet there can be requirements specific for each destination. With international travel, a health certificate and possibly other documentation will be needed that only a USDA-accredited veterinarian can endorse.

Once you have determined your travel itinerary, it is important to notify us to allow adequate time to examine your pet and provide you with the proper documentation. For more information, go to

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We have an on-site pharmacy for your pets' medication needs, including prescription foods.  Save time by eliminating the need to travel to pick up your pet's prescription!

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Special financing services available through CareCredit.

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Please Always Consider Adoption Before Getting A Pet

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